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how to restore a computer

Data Recovery Software: how to restore a computer

how to restore a computer

Restoring your computer desktop

You need to restore a computer desktop? If you try to create a new topic, or a new image as a background set, and you have difficulty in making the changes, you need to customize your desktop to restore the default values. No need for computer repair online. This task can be with a few clicks, since Windows has built-in software computer repair that to save the default settings of your computer, even if changes are made. So if you need help with your computer and how you want the desktop computer to learn yourself, restore, then read on.

Right-click anywhere on the desktop where no icon. You see a computer-based pop-up menu. At the bottom of the list of menu options, see "Properties". Click on it to open the computer repair software. You will notice that the window will open Display Properties.

Note that the Properties window of the computer aid, there are five tabs across the top. Find topics (background images, sounds, colors and symbols) on the desktop, screen saver, you can use your combination of colors and resolutions. For the repair of all computer repair software to immediately implement the standard, click on "Themes".

Click the Help menu on your computer in the dialog, see the "theme" word to be found to the left. Select "Windows XP". This is the default setting for the background and colors. It is the color of the menu bar, icons, background colors, and your desktop background to the original settings. It is again (like the beeps and beeps and jingle boot error) your sounds.

Click "Apply". You see a dialog box for the computer repair software is to say, "Wait." The color will slowly begin to disappear from your fund to the black and white. Then your desktop theme. And you're done! This is all the help of the computer what to do to learn how to make your computer desktop to recover free online computer repair. Good luck.
how to restore a computer