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how to restore a computer

Data Recovery Software: how to restore a computer

how to restore a computer

Hard Disk Drive (HDD) is a common data store. The data is stored on them with the binary number system, which corresponds to 1 and 0 for "North" and "South" magnets.

The products are used as binary numbers to describe the data numbers, text and graphics in a "1" or a "0" is stored. This article describes how to write each "1" or "0" or read from a hard disk drive (HDD).
Hard Disk Drive Data Storage - Magnetics Why?

Each magnet has a "north" pole and "South", and there is no stable state into two halves. This means that the magnets used suitable to be stored binary numbers with an "N" a "0" and "South" a "1". The drives use this method to the data store. Magnetic bearing is very stable in comparison to other methods, as the magnet established, once, with the direction in which they will remain set unless they change something.

Hard Disk Data Storage - write to a disk

The basic principle can be used by one bit (short for "binary digits") through the surface of the CD to generate the Faraday induction. Figure 2 shows an electromagnet base. When a voltage is applied from a battery to power the wire around a nail, the nail magnetized iron. The end of the magnetic "North" while the head of the nail is a center "south". The end of the magnetization part as it is a little on the plate surface. If the battery contacts, the tip of the nail, a center "south" and the head is a "North".

For example, the ASCII code for the "A" 65 in decimal or binary 01,000,001th The order of the magnets needed for the letter "A" Store is NSNNNNNS.

What's in a hard drive?
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Hard Disk Drive Data Storage - read a floppy disk

The reading of the plate is by means of a different principle from that of the letter. A read bit-specific, is placed to be read, a detector over the upper part of the documents. The detector uses a magneto-resistive property than to work. Some of the substances in the presence of a magnetic field, light resistance changes. The resistance of the detector is measured and a resistor is a change in the polarity of the insert (magnet) under the detector.

Hard Disk Drive Data Storage - Summary
Magnetic disk for data with the binary number system encoding. At the simplest level, the various types of information - numbers, text, images and music - can only be displayed with the digits "0" and "1". These bits are mentioned in groups of eight bytes. Disk drives use magnetic materials for data storage, and these jobs because they are only in one of two states - "North" and "South". The basic use of binary numbers to the stored data is the same as DVD and CD, and solid-state memory.
how to restore a computer