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How to restore a computer

Data Recovery Software: How to restore a computer

Dell Computer Restore factory settings?

If you have a Dell system , it will be a lot has changed since the time of purchase. You set the options and features make many changes to existing systems. However, over time, you must restore the system to factory settings.

Before going down to restore the factory settings, back up all files and folders. This is necessary because the information system will be completely removed, it is important to make copies of all important files and folders. Create a backup on an external drive or DVD.

Each Dell system will have facilities to restore function. Some systems use a recovery disk, while others can use Norton Ghost for this purpose. In some cases, no system will have a separate partition on the hard drive, also known as the Dell system. If you have that in your system, restart the system during the boot process and hold down the Ctrl and F11 keys simultaneously. This action will take you to the hidden partition Dell. Just follow the instructions here to complete the process of restoring the system to factory original.

You can also restore your system to factory settings using the recovery CD Dell system. Insert the CD into your system and restart it. Once the system is started, you will find a section where you will be asked a question in which you try to "Repair Install now" or the "Restoring the factory settings." Select "Restore factory settings" to complete the process to restore the system to factory settings. Since the process of returning the system to factory settings delete all the data it contains, you must reinstall all programs and units.

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