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SIS Partition Loss in Windows 2007

Data Recovery Software: SIS Partition Loss in Windows 2007

SIS Partition Loss in Windows 2007

In Microsoft Windows, SIS (Single Instance Storage), the system is able to copy the contents of that store most users of computers or parts. This is a method of duplication and increase efficiency to eliminate. In some situations, possibly after partition loss situations SIS SIS links that are supported in Microsoft Windows 2007 again created on another Windows system. This behavior of Microsoft Windows is the solution of a recovery partition.

In a practical scenario, consider the following:

E 'activated SIS (Single Instance Storage) to a volume of the hard drive of your computer with Microsoft Windows Server 2007.

The links are for the SIS Common Store some files on the hard disk volume done.

Reduces the size of some files in a shared repository to less than 1 KB and 32 KB.

You can back up SIS links, these links SIS-enabled volume of the hard drive on another computer.

In such situations, the restored SIS link anywhere. So we are in trouble and the loss of the Windows partition recovery partition must be solved.

Root of the problem

This problem is caused by the recovery of the SIS module (called Sisbkup.dld) causes are caused. The module changes the SIS connector, if the file has a size of less than 1 MB file in the normal early in the SIS for the recovery of the computer. He tried, API (Application Programming Interface) for the problem of re-analyzing the problem in a file.


To solve this problem and perform Partition Recovery, you need a fix from Microsoft. The update can be downloaded from Microsoft. This process will not be lost Windows partitions.

To restore your hard drive partitions, partition recovery software is necessary. They are powerful and effective third-party applications, the scan fully capable, you are the affected hard drive and restore all lost partitions. The applications are built with a rich graphical user interface and therefore do not require sound technical skills in order to achieve recovery. With a read only and non destructive behavior, you can be sure that no original data on your hard drive for change.

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery is the application of efficient and reliable for the safe recovery and perfect. It supports recovery from FAT32, VFAT, NTFS and NTFS5. The software is compatible with Microsoft Windows 7 RC1, Vista, 2007, XP and 2000.

SIS Partition Loss in Windows 2007