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Stellar recovery

Data Recovery Software: Stellar recovery

Stellar Data Recovery products provide a solution for nearly all known data loss situations. But it is confusing to decide which product to best suit your needs, especially when different types of data to be restored. Although the features and functions of the software of Stellar are provided clearly defined, there are times when people go for the home version of Windows Data Recovery, but really need a professional version.

Here are the main features of Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery version are not available at home. Go for the Pro version if you have one of these functions.

File Filter: This feature allows you to recover lost files by their extension. If you have really great information, but only a little 'files with specific extensions need, then this function will be useful. The Home Edition does not have this option.

File Type: It is a feature that allows the data-file-filter are obtained

Quick Recovery: The origin of the problem may take some time to recover your data you enter, but the Pro version allows it to accelerate the recovery. This feature is useful if you have little time, but once you have your data.

Resume Recovery: You can not stop the recovery process using Stellar home edition of the WDR. The Professional Edition offers the flexibility of the recovery process, where it has ceased to be resumed.

Clones: The professional version of WDR helps create an exact clone of your hard disk only when you need it later.

Imaging: You can also use a picture from your hard disk or logical volume is very easy with the Professional Edition of this product.

Scan and Save: There are times when you need to store the records, it may be necessary to scan at a later date. Scanning is a time consuming task, especially when you have hundreds of GB of data have to analyze. This feature allows you to save the results and retrieve data when needed.

Monitoring: The Pro version of Windows Data Recovery continue to monitor the health of your hard disks and warns you if there is a sign of a crash or malfunction.

Masking: This feature allows you to narrow down the scan to your requirement.Moreover there are a number of other features that are faster and more convenient to Pro Edition.