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Partition hard drive

Data Recovery Software: Partition hard drive

Partition hard drive
How to partition your hard drive

Everyone must learn how to partition your hard disk. It's pretty simple when you use the right tools. My favorite is GParted partition tool. GParted is a Linux program that can be run from a live CD. Live CDs are complete systems that run from the CD-ROM and is completely independent from the hard disk.

Why partition a hard drive?

You need a separate partition for the operating system to store important files and operating system images. The Windows operating system vulnerable to corruption, viruses and other problems, you need a backup plan. Most people do not have a backup of important files on a regular basis. By developing the habit of storing important files on a separate partition outside of the operating system that can recover quickly and easily your system is infected, or if Windows will not boot. With this technique, I could see a large number of computers to keep running at optimum by regularly re-rate imaging software. Imaging provides a computer quickly returns to a known good configuration. I have a computer lab with 35 computers that are able to image (in less than 10 minutes every 35 computers) before class to reset or restore a configuration for the particular type of class. You have to learn how to make a partition on the disk to ensure a computer and the storage of important files to maintain.

I have some other hubs on this topic that might be useful.

GParted - Large open-source disk partition utility GParted is an open source program partitioning, which is quick and easy. You can also use GParted from a Linux live CD.

DOS FDISK partition Tutorial Microsoft Fdisk is a DOS-based program for partitioning hard drives. You should have a partition for important data and backup images of the operating system. Back-up shots, it allows you to quickly recover the system.

FIXMBR FDISK / MBR Tool Windows XP Recovery Console FIXMBR command for Windows XP MBR in DOS-dose has the same function that fdisk .

Partimage - Norton Ghost clone open source utility for imaging and backing up Partimage is a fast open source (free clone of the Norton Ghost) utility that I used in my lab PC + 30 computers to maintain. It runs on a Linux Live CD

The hub of the above, you will learn how to keep your computer and help you learn also how to improve a partition of the hard drive and the security to protect important files.
Partition hard drive