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Smart recovery

Data Recovery Software: Smart recovery

smart recovery
The reasons for smart outsourcing data backup

As an entrepreneur, I have to draw a distinction between a conscious choice between smart business and good business. Managing business intelligence in order to make money, my time is limited and my knowledge does not cover everything, so it's a false economy to try to handle all aspects of their business in the house. Donate your time and energy to create the basic functions I serve my clients and my business - smarter afford to get caught up in countless other tasks. And I know that I am successful when I have my own efforts, rather than trying to jack of all trades, concentrated.

In other words, running a smart business means doing what I do best, and gave the rest of the other well-known suppliers, who "left" specialized - including resource management, human resources, information technology, lead generation, and so on.

So, what does not belong to the core functions of business is to keep your business a smart way? I'm willing to bet that a necessary evil of data protection one of them. After 9/11, outsourcing, remote data protection for third parties received significant traction. Companies increasingly recognize that their backup data is stored and specialists significantly improve the reliability and secure their critical data while reducing the time and money they spend to store data for use.

These are just some of the reasons for outsourcing intelligent backup software company.

Save time and reduce errors with automated backups every day

Thanks to new technologies, online backup and data recovery secure storage as a service is completely automated process to create backups of important data, 365 days a year off-site servers. When you remove the human factor out of the backup process, the risk of errors (and negligence) are eliminated. And the best part is that you (or your debt to a limited IT staff) do not need to press one key to protect the most valuable assets of your business - information from you.

Eliminate dependence on the backup media is not reliable

Read the traditional media backup with time, data is corrupted, as you chew movie video tapes. Ability to recover lost files a clear understanding of data backup and processing in the process of backing up data to provide on-line reputation and recovery services, backup, if you need the most.

Restrictions. To save time, money and reputation

In the event of a disaster and you need to get back up, traditional methods are slow and expensive. A large number of lost time to restore the correct tape or disk to transport it to where it is necessary to add ice on your system, create the necessary files and data recovery. However, using the online service for backup, you can restore the information at once with one click.

You should ask yourself how much money we lose an hour downtime? And how much idle time affect our reputation? For many companies have lost every minute of downtime results in lost revenue, productivity and irreparable harm to the customer and investor relations.

Reduce your costs

Remove the backup data outsourcing company, all equipment costs (capital and operating costs), and all personnel costs (time spent on preparation, cleaning and rotating the test tape backup and recovery, and so on) in relation to the care of their security . Provider of online backup services charge a monthly storage depends entirely on the data set (measured in gigabytes) and the type of data you store. Looking for static data storage services (no change) (frequently changing) at a lower cost per gigabyte compared to the dynamic data.

Have you ever had a time machine?

The ability to store multiple snapshots of data is one reason to rent these Smart Storage. This feature is especially useful if you want to extract the files in the past few weeks (or months) have lost, or if the rules of your industry requires that the data in memory for a long time. The best of online backup services offer this feature at no additional cost.

Using the Internet to protect the backup from the local disaster

Online services save a backup of important data from remote data center security. This is an important part of the service, because every physical backup that you store on your site is vulnerable to viruses, theft, vandalism, power surges and falls, and the nature of anything she can throw you, including fires, floods, hurricanes and tornado.

Of course, to estimate the cost of outsourcing data backup and storage company. However, the lack of opportunity cost of hard Recommend (in this case the data recovery), almost always, the scale of technology to support a new backup. And the ability to quickly recover from the terrible loss of important data business intelligence at its best.
smart recovery