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How to Restore a Computer to Factory Settings 101 Computer

Data Recovery Software: How to Restore a Computer to Factory Settings 101 Computer

How to Restore a Computer to Factory Settings 101 Computer

The product was developed to help users return to their computer to factory settings from Dell. The procedures described in the article are simple and reliable. However, the user will be asked to carefully follow the instructions pitfalls common problems with the Dell computer, and finally, contact Dell Computer.

It is for a computer to deal with problems both hands into the hand of inevitable. Like the Dell computer is "old or you are using more and more, it tends to slow down or the problems of the necessary time during startup or shutdown, etc., even if you do not need a computer to make even more problems (after he is old), but often must be administered dose or pinch techniques to improve performance, security and stability, to improve, among other things. As you already guessed the problem and have decided to open a factory reset on your Dell computer to do this in mind, you will be asked for a proper way, because it is a difficult process. The guide below tells you step by step, you only restore to factory settings. This basically means that there is no need for you, time to spend your turn to Dell Technical Support.


Make a backup copy of all important data including files, folders, etc., with a flash drive or external hard drive. Save this support in a safe, dry place and away from unauthorized access. You can also back up the Windows XP Files and Settings Transfer Wizard data. Do not forget to get mentioned on other media.

When you are finished, disconnect all devices, is peripheral devices like printers and / or router to the computer, etc. connected to Dell. If you purchased a Dell system recovery disk (after the system is restarted), you insert the computer DVD \ CD-ROM. Restart the computer. If you are prompted to select the computer to boot from the hard drive. If you are prompted (after restart), select the default option settings to recover. If you prefer, you can still choose to repair the computer, instead of restoring the factory settings.

Follow the instructions in the wizard to restore your computer to its default settings, reformat hard drive and / or reinstalling the Windows operating system. It may be a certain time, be patient and wait until the process is complete. When you are finished, close the external medium (which is the output of data) and all applications and drivers separately again. Once you are done and have asked to restart the computer.

If you do not have a Dell recovery media system, but the computer is a Dell system restore partition. Then just restart the computer. While the computer restarts and the Dell logo appears, press and hold the Ctrl key and press the F11 key on your keyboard. Then release both buttons simultaneously. The computer will boot the recovery partition on the hard disk. From there you can restore your computer to factory settings.
How to Restore a Computer to Factory Settings 101 Computer