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How to recover lost files from ISO

Data Recovery Software: How to recover lost files from ISO

How to recover lost files from ISO

An ISO file is defined as an image file because it is a virtual copy of a CD / DVD drive. The ISO images are virtual copies of software and can be stored on the hard drive as a backup to the original disc. Some programs are used in the ISO file. If these files are deleted, free data recovery programs like Recuva can find and recover the lost files.

Download Recuva data recovery software.

Install the software on your computer following the instructions of the installer.

Perform data recovery software Recuva by double-clicking the icon on your desktop.

Select the type of file you are looking for. Click on "More" to all files that have been removed to see displayed.

Click "Next" button, then choose the path of the file. Browse and select the hard disk and click Next.

Select "Enable Deep Scan", perform a thorough scan. This scan can take several hours. Click on "Start" to begin searching through the files after the scan is complete.

Scroll through the recovery window for the file you want to search. Select and check the ISO image file and click on "Restore" in the lower right corner of the screen.

Choose a location that you are restoring and click "OK" want.
How to recover lost files from ISO