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The extension CoreData to backup performance, scalability and mobile recovery RemoteWorx.

Data Recovery Software: The extension CoreData to backup performance, scalability and mobile recovery RemoteWorx.

The extension CoreData to backup performance, scalability and mobile recovery RemoteWorx.

Imation's announcement launches a new series of

Internet and intranet backup and recovery Corporate Solutions

PHOENIX, June 7 / PRNewswire / - CoreData, Inc. today announced RemoteWorx 3.0, the latest version of the backup is interrupted and asset tracking software designed for remote and mobile workers. RemoteWorx 3.0 increase the performance of industry leaders in the world combined with the first byte / block level backup engine which provides the connection time is reduced, which increases the simultaneous connections to over 250 , a server of standard size. The administration has powerful to improve the server / client management and improvement of capabilities that support and reduces the system cost recovery.

"RemoteWorx 3.0 provides a cost-effective solutions to difficult problems in remote environments," said Gary Legner, CoreData co-founder and Sales and Marketing VP. "Reduced to a minimum of time, connection scalability, fast recovery and, most importantly, integration with legacy systems, storage of today's politics, and we have our development team has taken our technology to the next level .. The progress of the new 3.0 has attracted world-class partners, such as Imation, with the ability to offer new products in markets storage and data backup. "

CoreData is RemoteWorx 3 is a component of a new solutions to information management that Imation Imation Web backup. This is the first in a series of data backup internet and intranet and recovery solutions are designed for high-growth segment of the PC market - the remote and mobile users. Through this alliance, the company intends to co-develop and publish more than an online backup using the Web to store copies of data for backup. There are many suppliers on the Internet that storage costs, and costs are generally based on capacity. Backup services online provide offsite backup, which is important for disaster recovery. See backup types. offered during the year.

RemoteWorx remain the major remote backup technologies and the discovery of assets. Industry-leading features and functionality made possible by the unique architecture and flexible CoreData. Backups are performed in an offline mode, which does not require connection to the server. The backup data and assets are automatically and invisibly sent to the server each time the connection is via remote IP, the session or e-mail even when you surf the Internet. Disconnected data processing data processing or information processing, operations (eg, handling, merging, sorting, and computing) performed on the data according to established procedures, such as recording and synthesis of financial transactions on the server can record the number of concurrent users. Integration with the management of existing storage system CoreData eliminates the high cost of managing the backup system Noun separated and isolated first. backup system - a system for making backups
ADP system, ADPS, automatic data processing, computer system, computer system - the system of one or more computers and software associated with the common storage.

New RemoteWorx v3.0

- Improved performance - In addition to being the industry leader

Byte-level backups, RemoteWorx added support for block-level delta

faster backup large files such as databases. System administrators

or you can choose to back up files at the byte or block level

combination of both.

- Improved reliability - Unexpected connections interruption occurs

during backup or restore is now automatically reconnect and

repeated their last point on the transfer.

- Restore Personality - In addition to restoring the data, managers can

also restore the display of individual and unique mobile users, and to feel

personalities for their system. Everything from applications, data files,

system settings and driver settings as a personal favorite,

Models, icons, desktop shortcuts and Start menu shortcuts

The Windows desktop.

- The files and folders, including - support for DOS-style definition of reservations

arrest in September allows the system administrator and users to use the DOS

wildcard "*" and "?" to define the names of files and folders to backup.

- Exclude files and folders - Exceptions to backup sets can now capture

the file name created my file · name also proposed names
A name given to a computer file to distinguish it from other files, often contain classified by type of extensions. or folder, including wildcards. It may be a

set does not include a certain set and take a set

not included to capture a different set on the same system. This

improve management and efficiency of backup only selected

or important data.

- Server File Revision Control Revision Control (also known as version control (system) (VCS), source control and code management (source) (SMC)) is a revision of some of the same management units information. Set Capture - Users can control how

multiple revisions of files being backed up is stored on the server with

capture different sets. For example, a user can choose to have 20

Revised Word document stored on a server and five revisions

PowerPoint presentations.

- Keep deleted files - Giving users the ability to decide what to do

backup files that were deleted on the client. Can

retained indefinitely in · def · i · nite
Uncertain, in particular:
a. Clear; wave.

b. Why the right has no limits on indefinite leave.

c. on the server or deleted after a certain period


- Private Server No problem - RemoteWorx effective to create a single tank

a copy of each file on the server. All revisions, regardless

numbers, stored on a server at the byte level or block-level delta


- Reduction of the footprint of customer data - for users with low disk space

their laptops, the new engine block level RemoteWorx requires only 0.8%

the size of backup files to function.

Pricing and Availability

RemoteWorx 3.0 is priced from $ 169 - $ 99 per customer, depending on the amount of purchase. The initial order includes one server license. As a remote user and the network increases, additional server licenses may be issued RemoteWorx no additional cost. RemoteWorx 3.0 software is designed for use on Windows 95-98 and Windows NT (Windows New Technology) in the operating system 32-bit Microsoft for Intel x86. NT is the core technology in Windows 2000 and Windows XP (see Windows). Available in separate client and server, including an integrated and preemptive multitasking. platform.

Industrial Alliance

Over the last six months, CoreData has announced a partnership with Sterling Software, Technology Ernst & Young, Inc., Inrange Technologies Corporation, USA The American Value or VA (valueamerica.com, va.com) has a firm point com based in Nevada during 1996 [1] by Craig Winn and Rex Scatena, and moved to Charlottesville, Virginia, February 1998 [1]. , IBM / Tivoli, Port Systems and Sterling Commerce (formerly XcelleNet). Plans to develop and market solutions for data storage business with the largest number of remote and mobile users.

About CoreData

With more than 100,000 licenses sold worldwide customers, CoreData is the leading developer of "bytes and block-level" backup software See backup program.
Backup software (tool, software) - Software backup, often included as part of the operating system.

Backup software should provide ways to determine which files can be saved and where. PC and Mobile. RemoteWorx is the only product that offers two backup machines, asset discovery / synchronization file tracking and synchronization of files (or "sync") in computing is the process of ensuring that two or more locations contain up-to-date file. If you add, edit or delete a file from one location, the synchronization process to add, modify or delete the file itself at the other end. CoreData also develop OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) The rebranding of equipment and selling it. This term refers primarily for companies that manufacture products of the manufacturer ("original"), but eventually became widely used to indicate the organization that buys the products and technologies that can be integrated with other industry leaders . CoreData market a product that is optimized for remote / mobile minimizing the amount of data transmitted. This is done by using a patented technology CoreData change management. For more information, contact CoreData, Inc. Phone: 602-437-6575. Fax: 602-437-5066. Website: www.coredata.com.

CoreData and RemoteWorx is a trademark of CoreData, Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.
The extension CoreData to backup performance, scalability and mobile recovery RemoteWorx.