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windows xp recovery disk

Data Recovery Software: windows xp recovery disk

windows xp recovery disk

How can you make a CD of Windows XP Professional Recovery

Creating a Rescue Disk is a safe investment because they save you countless hours of anxiety, should something go wrong on your computer. A rescue disk is more than one Windows installation CD with all the necessary files will be reached on streamlining the process of repair and restoration of one day working on something that can be found in just one hour.

Create a folder on your desktop called "Recovery Disc". This right is achieved with a single click on the desktop, select "New" and then "Folder".

Insert the installation CD of Windows XP Professional disk. Open the CD by clicking on "My Computer" and click the drive letter (usually "D"). Once that is open, select all files and copy and paste into the "Recovery Disc" folder you created in step 1.

Unzip the drivers in the "Recovery Disc" folder with the free program DriverMax (link below in Resources section). Click on "Extract Drivers" button, the screen starts to move all your system sends the desired position. Select the "Startup Disk" folder as the destination for the drivers.

Save to copy your personal data and other necessary files and put them in the "Recovery Disc" folder. Make sure you have the capacity of 700 MB CD is higher than in the selection of files to only love the most.

Use (also linked in Resources) program IsoBuster to create a boot file for your restore CD. Open IsoBuster, select your CD drive
and then drag the file into Bootimage.img "Recovery Disc" folder on the desktop.

Burn the contents of the folder of the boot drive to a blank CD using CD burning software business. Create a data CD. If the process is complete, you have a recovery CD, you can use the full version of Windows XP Professional to recover in an emergency.
windows xp recovery disk