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As a recovery CD for Windows XP Backup

Data Recovery Software: As a recovery CD for Windows XP Backup

As a recovery CD for Windows XP Backup

You may have lost a recovery CD of Windows XP, but if you use a backup, you must have one on hand in case the entire hard drive of your computer is clean. These are the steps to your recovery CD for Windows XP. Make sure everything collected together before you begin.

Write the serial number on the blank and the original installation CD of Windows XP, waterproof with a felt pen.

Go to My Computer and select the C: \ drive. Locate and open the folder in XP, then you create a new folder, right-click in the window and choose New Folder. DRIVERS name of this folder.

Open the new folder and new drivers folder for videos where the video card driver. Put all the drivers for your network card in a new network folder and create a new folder for the modem unit when using the modem.

Vai to get smart-projects.net/isobuster ~ ~ V for the program IsoBuster to the boot loader from the original installation CD of Windows XP. Download and install IsoBuster. Open and select the drive letter of your CD-ROM from the list. Select and highlight the Bootable CD folder on the left side, and then drag the file on your hard disk BootImage.img and copy it into the drive C.

Insert the blank CD into the CD-R or CD-RW. Open the C: drive and drag the folder XP CD.

Use the file when the program asks BootImage.img CD-burning software. If the process is complete, the disc is ejected. You need the serial number when you're on Windows XP computer.

If you do not have the original installation CD that came with your computer, but you have the serial number, either the computer manufacturer or the company that sold it for another copy of this statement. You should be able to get a free charge, because you already paid for a legitimate copy of Windows XP when you purchased your computer.

The serial number of Microsoft Windows will be located on a sticker on your computer. If your copy of Windows is registered to Microsoft, you can also the company.
As a recovery CD for Windows XP Backup