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Amazing Photo Recovery for Mac and PC

Data Recovery Software: Amazing Photo Recovery for Mac and PC

Amazing Photo Recovery for Mac and PC

Accidentally lost pictures from your digital camera you are a big pain in the you know what. I know because it happened to me. But to understand the end of the European part of my recent trip to my family if I do "Memory Card Error" scared of the new Canon D90, I know immediately what to do, and after half an hour I was able to successfully recover all my photos were lost! In this tutorial I will show you how your images will be deleted or lost again, but first I should explain what is causing this problem so that it can prevent the future.

How do I delete my photo?

The most common causes of camera memory card lost digital images of a break in the transmission line. This means that basically the fact that the camera is turned off while it is written to memory is enabled. In real life this is often done by accident, that the camera ran out of battery or remove the battery immediately after the shooting. It is therefore very important that after the shooting, be very careful with the camera and give him time to write a card. Even if you feel that a low battery, backup battery should be changed immediately, because if you run completely out of power, you risk automatically disabled. Finally, always carry a camera on a strap on your wrist or neck, so if you drop the camera, you are insured.

Well, what do I do?

First, I recommend a direct connection to a memory card or Mac computer via a card reader and USB internal. If any of this, you can connect via USB-port on the camera, but sometimes it can be a problem. If you do not see the picture, you can try to gently cleanse the memory card to clean the lenses. In many cases the problem will be solved if there are problems with the connection.

If you do not get your pictures back, do not worry, we have serious business to turn around. The software that I use, but I am 100% recovery rate Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery. Star uses advanced scanning algorithms to the latent image on the memory card from your digital camera can be found. Simply download the software for Windows or Mac OS, and install it on your computer. Once the program is installed, it automatically scans your memory card, and show you the preview of each image, it can be restored. At this point, you can check to determine the pixel damage, and what image you want to restore you and where you want to keep it on your computer.

At this point, you have restored the image - congratulations!

Jake is a veteran IT consultant to Gadsden for over 15 years experience in the industry. He restored the property data from 500 organizations and images for individual users and their families. His website, Photo Recovery Review, dedicated to research of image reconstruction, where he was rated the best image recovery software available.