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7 Steps on How to Improve The Corrupt Hard Disk unreadable

Data Recovery Software: 7 Steps on How to Improve The Corrupt Hard Disk unreadable

7 Steps on How to Improve The Corrupt Hard Disk unreadable

Hard drive can not be read or corrupted? We will discuss how to improve or at least save the data stored in it. As one part of the computer, the hard disk is a bit higher, but the content is actually more expensive again. Can cause heartburn and stomach-cenut if cenut head up important data in it is lost.

Hard drive is the place where all data, including the Operating System (OS), program files, all files and folders that you have created and saved for wear. If then as an unpredictable sometimes cause they all disappeared? Wadew! If lost or damaged OS reinstall just live. If the film or music collection lost, can download or ask your friends who have. Lha if file employment or 'work' wesh .... like for example a poem or short story missing? Disaster really. Photographs or highly imagepenting? Photos can plant, but the atmosphere and memories huh difference, hehe ... Ok, more, now how to improve and save data on hard disk corrupted or illegible?

Usually we have to know if your laptop or PC's hard disk we problematic when we try to open the drive or partition. If the destruction was severe, so the entire hard disk can not be read in total. Sometimes, borne Windows disk checking utility also unable to read the hard disk is damaged. Hmmm, have to get ya spare hard disk.

To read and save data corrupted hard disk that we can adopt disk recovery utility, if still failed so had to dech, we bring a laptop or PC to the store for the 'service'. That means we really should pay, and the sad, when they fail, we do not really know what happened, do not know how they are, do not know what they're merecovery data, and so on. What the hell is true we can not own, most do not know what and how the data recovery process? Mau?

Ok, in many cases, as the hard disk can not be read at all, the possibility is definitely our biggest need spare hard disk. Not always do. But if you have the bad sectors, then just throw away the hard disk. Bailouts data below may not save your hard disk, but most do not we try to make it read only once so we can take the data stored.

Ways to save data on the hard disk is damaged

Previously, to know, you should connect the external hard disk drive into a normal PC, and try to follow the following steps are rare:

  1. If the dialog box appears indicating that you must be formatted drive, click "No", this is very crucial, if you stuck up click "Yes", then you're done. Will be hard again, and even if successful, will be a lot of failed or corrupted data.
  2. Click 'Start', select 'My Computer' or the 'Computer'. will emerge from the hard disk drive you just colokkan earlier. Right-click on the drive you, select 'Properties'. If it turns out they are illegible or hard disk of yours appeared, skip to step 5.
  3. Well, the window will appear that displays the property. Click on the tab 'Tools'
  4. Select 'Check Now' under 'Error Checking' to start doing the inspection error on the hard disk of yours. Check the pop-up window containing a question whether you want Windows to correct errors found. Check the boxes also contain a 'Scan for and attempt recovery of bad Sectors'. Click 'Start'. If then Windows told that the hard disk is not readable and should be in the format, click 'No'.
  5. If these steps fail as well, now we wear the command prompt. Click 'Start >> Run >> CMD' or just type in 'CMD' after clicking 'Start'.
  6. Will emerge from the Command Prompt window like this: imageJadi inget-time junior inget DOS lesson first yes. Now type the name of the damaged drive us earlier by adding a colon. So for example a faulty hard disk drive earlier in F, then type in 'F:' and press Enter. Because the hard disk is damaged, it usually will appear warning 'The System Can not Find the Specified Drive.'
  7. This is the key step. Type 'chkdsk' in the command prompt, wait a few seconds until the completion of the hard error detection disknya. Usually fast kog. If his error found, Windows will offer the option to repair it. Select 'y'.