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Using NTFS partition recovery software to recover data

Data Recovery Software: Using NTFS partition recovery software to recover data

Using NTFS partition recovery software to recover data
The (New Technology File System) file system NTFS is widely used in Windows NT and later versions. This score file system than its predecessor as FAT (File Allocation Table) and HPFS (High Performance File System) on many issues, such as memory footprint, reliability, security, performance, etc. In other words, is sometimes a system using NTFS file system not in a position to start by specifying the type of error messages. In these cases, you should consider the problem to the problem, otherwise a third-party software on NTFS Partition Recovery NTFS using them to restore order data.

Consider a situation where you do not start Windows XP system, however. An error message will have to be always displayed in this context is:

"C: \ windows \ missing system32 \ drivers \ ntfs.sys or corrupt".

The only cause of this problem is that the boat ntfs.sys file is missing or damaged. You must restore this file.


As in the "cause" above, you need to restore files "ntfs.sys" to get started. For this purpose were, the following steps are required:
• Change the settings to boot the system with a boot CD to boot.
• Boot with the Windows XP CD-ROM.
• Press the "R" on the recovery console to restore the Windows XP installation type.
• Enter the following command and press the "Enter" after each command:
cd \ windows \ system32 \ drivers
Ren ntfs.sys Ntfs.old
• If the file is incorrect there, but Ntfs.sys or damaged, you will be asked whether you want the file to be overwritten. And if the file does not exist, nothing happens.

• At the prompt type the following command and press the "Enter" key:
Copy x: \ i386 \ ntfs.sys drive: \ windows \ system32 \ drivers

• removing press the Windows XP CD-ROM and type 'stop' and 'Enter' to exit the Recovery Console. • Restart the system. Now you have a good start.
However, if the system is still not accessible, then a proposal is very vulnerable because they are not capable of important files and folders. In such cases, the use of a third NTFS Data Recovery software is the only step is to extort ransom. The use of non-destructive scanning algorithms to recover data is one of the most striking features of the NTFS file system recoverytools.http :/ / www.stellarinfo.com / back-windows-nt.htm

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Using NTFS partition recovery software to recover data