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recovery disk

Data Recovery Software: recovery disk

recovery disk

If you have Windows XP and software to your computer crashes or becomes unusable, you may need to recover to run the Windows XP recovery software and restart the computer usable. When buying, most computers do not have a Startup Disk in Windows XP but you can just download for free. The Windows XP startup disk contains most of the computer software
and files that are loaded with your PC and can help you rebuild your hard drive.

Level of difficulty:
Pretty simple


Insert a floppy disk. Click on the link "a recovery CD for Windows XP from Microsoft" in Resources below. Click on "Download". Click "Save". Find your floppy drive on the menu and click "OK".

Take the floppy disk as the Windows XP startup disk download is complete, and put the computer on which you should use.

Turn off the computer, then turn off the computer. The computer restarts automatically, which is on the Windows XP startup disk that you can reinstall Windows XP.

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Consider whether to a Windows XP startup disk download have. Microsoft, the maker of the Windows XP recovery disc, insists on downloading the hard drive only if you install a full version of Windows XP, the CD works, if you can not boot from CD - ROM and if you are able to boot from a floppy disk.
recovery disk