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Partition recovery

Data Recovery Software: Partition recovery

Partition recovery

If you have an external hard drive as a boot disk to back up your hard drive, but have always posted a lot of room left, you can save a partition to another data, create your backup. With Windows Vista, Microsoft has to "reduce" the ability of the drives or partitions, so the Startup Disk change easily without data loss. New walls can be added to the plate.
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What you need

External Hard Drive

Connect the boot disk to your computer via USB cable.

Open the Start menu and select Control Panel. Open "System and Maintenance," "system". Double-click "Computer Management". Select "Storage" from the sidebar, then "Disk Management".

Click on the hard disk partition recovery with the right mouse button, select "Shrink Volume ..." Reduce the volume to create more space for other partitions without data loss on the ERD. Enter the amount of space you shrink the partition and click 'shrinkage'. The space is "unallocated" disk. If there is unallocated space, you need to shrink the partition.

Right-click the unallocated space and select "New Simple Volume". Enter a name for the new partition, enter the size of the partition and reformat the file system. Click "Next" and "end". Repeat for each additional partition that you want the restore CD.

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Partition recovery