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How to recover lost files

Data Recovery Software: How to recover lost files

How to recover lost files

Anyone who has ever had a computer, used for a certain period, the stomach-dropping sensation of losing experienced an important file through bad karma or reckless use of the Delete key. Sometimes, however, which can be lost can be recovered.

If you accidentally deleted file

Double-click the Windows Recycle Bin on a Mac to see if the file is still there.

If the file, drag it to the desktop. To restore the file to its original location in Windows display, click the file and select Restore from the drop-down menu.

If the file is not in the trash or the trash, looking for a backup. If the PC has a network with regular backups, contact your system administrator to see if you retrieve a saved copy of the file.

Try a commercial file recovery program that scans the disk for recognizable data (you can buy for less than $ 100). If you delete a file, the operating system will probably not be the bits of the hard disk before it for something else to them, you would be able to save some data.

If you installed a file recovery utility does not decide on the same disk that you hope to retrieve the file, or you can use the data you want to restore you to overwrite. Start the software from a CD-ROM or floppy disk. And if you from the Internet, you can not load on the hard disk where you can download the file.

If the hard drive crashed

Try the first hard disk to hard disk repair utility included with the OS repair. Microsoft and Apple offer such programs.

If that fails, try a hard business, utility repair, although the success of this is a bit limited if you have not installed the software before the crash occurred.

If a disc seems beyond repair and if the data is valuable enough, you can use the entire hard drive to remove a disk drive recovery service that specializes in retrieving data and how to send possible. Expect to pay at least a few hundred dollars, but (to pay, even if you can not recover). It is regularly begins to sound like a good idea?
How to recover lost files