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How to recover files from QuickBooks

Data Recovery Software: How to recover files from QuickBooks

How to recover files from QuickBooks

QBB file from Intuit's QuickBooks software when creating the backup function. These files are the property and not by any other software that can be read for the average consumer.

It is important to realize that with the same version of QuickBooks to view the file as it is about restoring a backup is recommended, and that make the attempt to create a backup file (QBB) with an earlier version of QuickBooks, such as the restoration created the file may not work. Obviously you need a computer with an installed version of QuickBooks.

So, we go through the process of restoring a file from QuickBooks company again:

Looking to restore the files. Normally this on the hard disk of a computer (which is not recommended because of possible hard drive crash, you lose all data), an external hard drive, CD or USB drive can be saved. (Please ensure that removable media can be used to save the file that is placed on your computer)
Open QuickBooks
In the File menu and choose Open or Restore Company
Select Restore a backup and click Next
Select the local backup and click Next
Select the backup file (. QBB) that you made the backup of an open window or the "search" function to locate the file restore.
Click Open and click Next

Note: If you restore a backup file from removable media, you must tell QuickBooks where you restore the file. They do this by clicking on the arrow to the right card data "Save As" on your hard disk to recover to.

Installed in cases where an upgrade to a newer version of QuickBooks a popup message that says: "The database must be updated to be working with this version of QuickBooks ... Once the file is updated to this new version does not work with earlier versions of QuickBooks ... ".

We recommend that an exact copy of the old file and save it separately for security reasons. Intuit is known for its customer service. If you are unsure or are not sure what you do, you should contact the support department.

When you restore a previous file, so it does not overwrite the existing file with an older, more recently, by deleting the file and the current data. If the warning "... file already exists. Would you like to replace it?" They would say, "No", you can create a backup copy of the current file before you restore the old files.

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How to recover files from QuickBooks