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reformatting hard drive

Data Recovery Software: reformatting hard drive

reformatting hard drive

Formatting the hard drive of your computer is the ultimate solution for a virus or technical problems, the computer before. However, this should be a last resort. You should try all other methods to correct the problem before you start formatting. All data is stored on the hard drive away, as soon as the computer's hard disk is formatted. If the space on your hard drive or other storage device, other than what is already there, then maybe, reformatting the hard drive to share the only option is to create.

Formatting the hard drive of your computer in several ways. To format the hard disk without the operating system, the transaction without the use of operating system CD to be completed. But if you format your drive with the OS, then you need a copy of the original operating system with you, before the process of formatting. In this article I'm going to do with the process of reformatting the hard disk without the operating system drive.

Here are the steps that you can through the process of reformatting the hard disk to run. Please read all terms and conditions as the existing data is secure before you start the installation.

Right click on My Computer and then select Manage.
The window provides options for managing computer on the desktop. Click on "Storage" tab.
The graphical representation of the existing partitioned space is displayed by selecting the tab "Memory".
Right-click on one of the drives that you want to format and then click "Delete".
Repeat this process for all disks that you want to format.
The units that you have deleted will appear as free space in the graphical view. In the free space on the right mouse button and select "new units".
A wizard appears on screen. Now enter the data as required by the wizard. You will receive information about how much space you want to assign to the new hard drive and file system type (FAT or NTFS).
Close the Computer Management window, to the newly created partition shows his state of health.
Repeat this process for the units you want. The number of units which can of course be taken, depending on the amount of free space is available.

The process that I mentioned above, can be used to format the hard drive, how is your operating system is Windows XP. In case of any other version of Windows, the process is virtually identical, but a slight variation in a few steps. If the computer's operating system, Linux is installed, then this process of reformatting the hard drive, can not be used. Linux is another kind of file, and the organization of the units in a different way.
reformatting hard drive