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Hard drive sound of your computer?

Data Recovery Software: Hard drive sound of your computer?

Hard drive sound of your computer?

There's a sound you never want to hear. And there in the list of strange noises from the hard drive. Scraping, grinding or rumbling noise which means it is definitely a problem. Before we consider that the cause of this noise is a priority. If you do not have a current backup, it's the first thing to do, starting with the first important files. If you act now, when you first heard a strange noise, you have a very good chance the backup before the hard drive fails.

Now that we have a backup, we are trying to solve, and may be the cause of the noise the hard drive. Hard drives have moving parts. Hard disk drive (where data is stored and read), the measured spinning at high speed in RPM. Even the slow hard drive these days is not less than 5400 revolutions per minute. The axis also sits on the hard drive of the speed dial. Then you have the moving valve plates are constantly moving from the outer edge to the center.

Each of the moving parts that wear out and begin to noise. You can not replace the internal parts due to cost and the procedure is the only option to replace the hard drive. As I said, if you immediately when you act, strange sounds, the first hard disk can be heard to take a little longer. Many new hard drives come with software that can easily transfer the entire contents of your hard disk to the new. So it's a huge advantage to transfer content from one disk to another disk to work.

Move the contents of the great savings of time, because you do not need to reinstall your operating system and applications to other software. And there are many other data elements, such as e-mail, address book, browser favorites, and even passwords and network settings. You never realize how many things you have on your computer until you lose it. Move all system software and data is much easier and you will not lose anything.

If your hard drive with software to display the contents of the hard disk are copied to the new one, there are several good programs that you yourself do it. My first choice would be Acronis Migration 7, runs about $ 40 and can be used for backup. There are other programs, but it is not easy and ammunition, Acronis.

When it comes to replacing the hard drive, there are some aspects of your hard disk that you want to check to make sure that it looks like. Have most of the time, you can increase the size and speed of your hard drive for better performance and more memory. Suppose you have a 250 gig SATA hard drive 5400 so soon it sounds. You can easily 500 gig SATA drive running at 7500 rpm (the faster it spins faster, you can store and retrieve data) for about $ 65.

You just need to double the memory capacity and faster access to much. The new drive comes with simple instructions for replacing your old hard drive. If the program can copy the entire hard drive with the choice of details, it has detailed information on how to do this step by step instructions. Acronis Migrate 7 also includes detailed instructions and is designed for even novice users. Acronis has a lot of support, if you have any questions.

So when you hear the noise of the hard disk, time to act is now. Just copy all the data in the first place. Then, when you buy a new hard drive and install it. It will be a small problem. But you ignore the hard drive noise, I guarantee you more problems and have to take some important data.

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