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Free data recovery software

Data Recovery Software: Free data recovery software

Free data recovery software

Need to recover data from a faulty Seagate FreeAgent often special software or professional data recovery services. The process involves installing the software, allowing you to files that can be restored to scan. If the disk is not recognized by the software will be unable to provide any information without disassembling the help of a professional lab that the drive and manually retrieve the files to restore. Laboratory for recovery is usually an expensive process, but it is reliable and recommended as a first step for the files that are critical or sensitive nature.

What you need

Seagate FreeAgent external USB hard drive

Data Recovery Software
File storage for recovered files

Ontrack EasyRecovery Professional

Obtain a copy of Ontrack EasyRecovery Professional and install it on your computer (see "Resources").

Run the software and scan for external hard drives to the USB port. Select the FreeAgent drive, experiencing the loss of data.

The disk scan using the Recovery Agent Free Advanced.

Click next to each file to be restored on the box and click "Next".

Save the recovered data is contained on a separate disk as additional external USB hard drive or an internal hard disk with sufficient capacity to be comprehensive.
Seagate DiscWizard

Download Seagate DiscWizard software (see "Resources").

Connect to act as a second hard drive or other external hard drive free agent on your computer as the location for the restored data. The second unit must be the same (or higher) as a free agent failed drive.

Enter the Seagate DiscWizard software and select the option to copy the disk sector by sector breakdown FreeAgent hard drives for storage. This method attempts to copy every bit of data on the hard disk and disk checking tools such as errors or data recovery software to be to allow the new drive effectively.
Seagate File Recovery for Windows

Download and install the Seagate File Recovery for Windows software (see "Resources").

Register the software or run it in demo mode for the software's ability to restore data to determine. Note that the demo mode is not effective in restoring all data as possible, but shows a list of files that can be restored. Registration will be required before actual data recovery.

Click on the free agent list of approved drives and click "Scan" to the dialog box to start scanning.

Click on "known file types" to select scan to certain file types, or use the software to check all file types.

Register the software to recover data register by clicking on Help and. Recovery of files on a separate hard drive by selecting the desired files or all files and click "Next".

Save the scan information by clicking on "Drive" and "save the scan information." This information can be restored at a later date would still be accessible.


Seagate DiscWizard software are able to copy the entire partition to another hard drive Seagate in some cases, you can do when data recovery software detects the device. Seagate SeaTools is a wide range of non-destructive tests are performed to determine the nature of the problem with a FreeAgent hard drive to determine. Seagate FreeAgent hard drives usually carry a five year warranty, this allows the user to replace or repair the disk, but the warranty does not cover the loss of data or data recovery services.

Seagate FreeAgent that important, critical or time-critical files should be immediately sent to a data recovery lab such as lab-i365 from Seagate or Ontrack Data Recovery lab next to the processing of data recovery professionals. Any attempt to describe data from these drives using the methods in this article are the chances of recovery in a laboratory to obtain.
Free data recovery software