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Forgot your password PST after reformatting the hard drive

Data Recovery Software: Forgot your password PST after reformatting the hard drive

Forgot your password PST after reformatting the hard drive

Microsoft Outlook uses a personal data storage folder (PST file) to all incoming and outgoing e-mail, store notes, contacts, etc., using a POP3 or IMAP accounts. Since Outlook is often used for business purposes, it may contain confidential and important e-mail. To prevent unauthorized access, Outlook, the implementation of password protection. Once you set a password for Outlook PST is installed, it can not be opened without a password. Prospects also includes a "Save this password in your password list option, if you offer the opportunity to save your password in the password list is selected. But if you lose or forget the password if the password is not stored in the list, you must PST Password Recovery solution.

As an example of such problems, you may want to consider the practical problems are discussed below:

To implement password protection for your PST Outlook contains the most important e-mail.

To obtain a password, any attempt to avoid an open PST, select "Save this password in your password list option. So you can not remember your password, which was originally installed.

For some reason, you need to format the hard drive. Thus, backing up Outlook PST, with no password.

After restoring the PST, you can not enter, because you do not forget your password.

You can not open a password protected PST, because the computer does not save your password in the list after formatting the hard drive. This list has been updated. You can also forget the password, so check whether a copy of the password stored somewhere. If not, you should use the following procedure.

To access the data to PST, you can implement solutions such as:

Make sure that the backups have PST. If so, then restore the data.

Pst19upg.exe download, unpack, and in the same directory where the PST. Utility from the command line. Use filename.pst and pst19upg.exe pst19upg.exe-B team filename.psx.

With third-party utility to recover your password. These applications are specifically designed to recover PST password. The tool is simple to install and operate with an explanation of action.

Stellar Phoenix Outlook Password Recovery is an effective program to recover lost or forgotten passwords of Outlook PST. Recovery Tool supports MS Outlook PST password 2007, 2003, 2002 and 2000. This software allows you to password-list file in any text editor or word processor to save the recovery. The recovery tool you can use a series of (six) PST password.