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windows xp restore

Data Recovery Software: windows xp restore

windows xp restore


Restore Windows XP - Get Windows running again if it Start Up

Many people have tried to fix their Windows installation is corrupt and restore Windows XP to themselves and have tried several ways to do this and eventually fail. There are several things you need to do to solve this problem.

Here are the things you need to do to solve this problem.

  1. you need to store all the files necessary to back up your system before starting to repair Windows XP. You must pay attention to files on disk c: after making improvements is the loss of documents and other important issues that will remove the window, unless the backup.

  2. After you finish with this to get your Windows XP CD ready. Some computer manufacturers supplied with two types of discs. The first is to reset the system, while the other is an installation CD of Windows XP completely new.

  3. If you can still access the window to run a virus scan. This is because the virus is changing important files and windows if you have a virus that can cause the problem and if you try to improve not only the virus still exists, but the process will repair the errors of infected files that the file is damaged and try to correct them. This will leave the system in a state in which the only solution is to remove everything and start over.

  4. You can begin to repair Windows XP. At this point it is important to realize that the only real solution is to use the recovery CD. If you use the original Windows XP CD does not work. This is because after installing the update for the windows were changed from what is known in the original and will not be recognized. So you must also remove the unit or use the recovery CD.

  5. Whatever the method used to perform a virus scan again after you've done. This is because if you did not remove the units of the virus could still hide on it.

  6. When you do this Windows XP repair and replace all that you are in charge to run a free scan the registry. This is because some files or programs you have saved can be held responsible for errors in the Windows registry and can slow down your computer and you can put where you started.
windows xp restore