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How to retrieve deleted files

Data Recovery Software: How to retrieve deleted files

How to retrieve deleted files

How - files , folders from a Linux computer Recover deleted?

If your system is infected with a virus and the virus has deleted your important files? Have you accidentally deleted your important files from Linux hard drive? If you answered yes to all these questions, you may encounter a critical situation of loss of data that have a large impact on your business and personal transactions. In these cases you need Linux Data Recovery to recover your important data back.
Deleted files from other operating systems is relatively easy compared to Linux, as a series of recovery software are available free of charge or paid for them. But to get the lost data from Linux systems?

To recover deleted files from hard disk to Linux, the Linux operating system has two built-in tools. These tools are in fact on the Linux file system on the hard disk usage. Linux recovery tools are:

Extundelete-It is a tool to recover deleted files from ext3 or ext4 file system volume of the Linux operating system is restored. Both file systems are very popular and widely used in Linux. This tool uses the information in the log volumes Ext4 EX3 store or call the file that was removed from the volume. The utility provides both file names and file contents.

Ext3undel-It is a collection of scripts to help you recover deleted files from Ext3 or Ext2 file system volumes. This tool attempts operate various manual hard to automate to recover lost files from the specified disk. You can retrieve a file by file name or be able to all files marked as deleted, to delete it.

E2undel-This is a console program interactions that are lost or recovers data from Ext2 file system volume deleted. This allows you to perform data recovery Linux for the selected files by name. It is very easy to use.

Although the tools described above makes sense to recover recover deleted files from hard disk to Linux, they can not with severe damage to the hard disk can not guarantee recovery in all cases of data loss to overcome. Used in such cases, Linux Data Recovery software to your rescue, and the work in all cases of logical data loss. They are completely safe and easy.
How to retrieve deleted files